Sunday, June 24, 2007

My thoughts

Every bead I stitch is "right"
Because my Inner Being
Gentler than "me"
is guiding the process.

I soften and begin to trust and bead.

I finally began my June page and have written about it on my blog. I didn't like the table legs and wanted to take them out and redo them. But this guidance had come to me a couple of days earlier and I decided to leave them be and see where the piece would take me. I know that my wise Inner Being has things to say to me and I'm committing myself to receiving them. I will let each bead be, knowing that it is exactly as it should be, even if my judgment says it's weird or ugly!!

1 comment:

Timaree said...

Not me. I just ripped out my train tracks when my husband pointed out I had visually placed the rails UNDER the wooden beams and, since no train can run that way I opted for a correction. Sometimes, though, you are right and it's not incorrect to leave something as "wrong" can be subjective. Our conscious thought can take over our subconscious and that could defeat the whole thing we are doing.