Tuesday, June 19, 2007

One more new member...

Hi all! This is my first, and probably only chance, to get on a computer during my two weeks in the midwest.

I'd like to welcome Lisa B to the BJP, and introduce you to her lovely work. Lisa didn't get on our list earlier, but she is official now, and I've added her to the stats. If you read Quilting Arts magazine, you probably noticed Lisa's embroidered/beaded turtle quilt, called Going In in the last issue. I photographed this fabulous piece and wrote about it on my blog here!

News from Mom's in St. Paul, MN... Yes, I've started my June page, and have worked quite a lot on it. I'm having a ball with it. Mom says it looks different than anything I've ever done before. Hmmmm. Also I went fabric and bead shopping with Julie C. (my sister-in-law and also a BJP member) and found some great fabric for my July page.

Hope everyone at least has a start on their June page... Looking forward to some time on the computer when I return home... time to follow all the links and see what you all are doing!

Posted by Robin A.


Tally said...

This turtle is just fantastic. Instead of working I go "wow" and want to look at the details for longer.

Robin, have a very nice time at Moms place. I'm looking forward seeing your piece.


s said...

Hi Robin,
I hope your trip is going well. It sure sounds like it.

Lisa's work is sure beautiful.
I enjoyed looking at it like Tally said you just want to sit and look at the details.

I am wondering if I was mistaken, I didn't find out about the BJP until after June had started. I fell so in love with the idea I created a blog and started that day working on my piece. Is there anyway I can get into the "official" group, it always feels odd having to say I am un-official. I promise I will be here until the end of the project no matter what.

Padparadscha said...

Beautiful turtle ! Can't wait to see your June page...

Mary Timme said...

Hope you are feeling soooooo much better Robin! Stay well and so far the bead journal is alive and doing well.