Saturday, June 30, 2007

Beading Affairs

Hello Everyone. It is the last day of June and I have finished the project for this month. My affair with beads has taken on another turn. I have been like a big kid and started making paper beads over 400 of them in various sizes and dough beads about 120 from sizes 2mm to 12mm along with pendants. Used food coloring to dye the dough and then let them air dry. All of them aren't sealed yet but will have the month of July to finish that task, if I can stop making them! What fun. I wanted to play first and had a great time! Now how to incorporate them into finished pieces? No idea yet. Had to remind myself that I am in school and have classwork to do also. Being an online student at FMU, our summer vacation starts July 7-14, and I know what I will be doing. I have one more quarter to complete before graduating and plan to take off several months before going to the next level.

I did complete a bracelet and necklace set using wood beads and several bugle cloth beads. I also made black silk beads that was used in an unfinished silver, black, and white glass necklace, and was pleased with the results. Some of the beads are shown on a book with a grid cover that was made with the help of a friend (Dot). I thought it was a good way to display some of the beads made so far.

You can check out my bead pics at Click on About Me link and scroll down to my or other interests. See you all tomorrow.



Timaree said...

Can't wait to see how you use your handmade beads on your page. I like to make paper beads too. There is something about taking a worthless piece of paper and turning it into a tiny worthwhile object.

Constance said...

Hi freebird. I have made so many paper beads, is it addictive? Some of them are hard as glass and bone beads. Those I am particularly proud of. Will start with a 9 inch square and see where it takes me.