Saturday, June 30, 2007

June BJP Posted on Blog

I posted my June page on my blog this morning if anyone is interested in having a look and leaving comments.

I also have a couple book recommendations, I am a confessed, but not reformed, "bookaholic". Steve was thrilled when I started selling some of my extensive quilting book collection on Little did he know that I was actually just selling off the books that were no longer of interest to me and replacing them with books on art quilting and beading, men can be so naive.

ColorWorks by Deb Menz: a wonderful color workbook that has beaded examples for all the color exercises. Interweave Press ISBN 1-931499-47-0

Designer Bead Embroidery 150 patterns and complete techniques by Kenneth D King: the patterns are mainly for clothing and accessories, but I think I will probably incorporate some in my pages over the next year. Creative Publishing international ISBN 13:978-1-58923-272-3

These two books are of course in addition to all of Robins books and the one by Larkin Van Horn that was mentioned earlier. Plus numerous books on jewelry construction, one in particular is Beaded Jewelry with Found Objects by Carole Rodgers that has wonderful pictures and extensive directions for beading with cabochons ISBN 0-87349-684-1

Have a Happy 4th of July, for those in the US and everyone else have a great week.


s said...

Your piece is wonderful,love the colors and the meaning to you piece.
How true, the paths we choose will forever change our lives. Even if we just travel that path for a short time.

Any Smith said...

I understand all too well your addiction to books. I got that disease from my mother, who reads a lot. She says that a house without books is not a home.

Nice journal page - I think this is a fine path we're all on together.


Robin said...

If only your drive to pass along books you no longer need were catching... I'd run up and touch you! Thanks for the references!

Your June page makes me want to get to know you. I wrote quite a long comment about it on your blog.

Lillian said...

Hi Sue,

I am touched by your theme and how it relates to your June project. I think that you are on your way :o)

Thanks for sharing,

Lillian in WA

Sue said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving comments. I need to give the comments some further consideration and try out Robin's exercise.

Sagging book shelves, and the realization that I had not touched some of the books in several years made the decision to sell them off easier. I have also donated quite a few to my local library branch, they have mentioned dedicationg a section of a shelf in my honor, but they also snicker, and roll their eyes too, so I'm not sending out any announcements about the dedication ceremony just yet.

Timaree said...

Men, naive? My sister saw my book collection (which really is modest for a book lover) and said "your husband doesn't know how much money you have here, does he"? No, and I don't plan to ever tell him!

s said...

Freebird, I had to chuckle at your statement here. Because I am also a book collector, however I found a trick that works well. Never store all your books in the same place. I have mine in small stashes all around the house. If I where to gather them together on one set of shelves...hmmm perhaps we shouldn't go there as I don't think I have a room much less a shelf big enough. Anyway, I have to agree, why stress out the men we love by telling them everything. After all we are women and we must keep some air of mystique. Even if it is just about spending habits on books, beads, fabric and so forth.