Monday, June 18, 2007

Birthday Week

G'Day All,
Weather here is still gloomy, we have had continual rain here since my last post and it's been freezing. (Don't forget it's winter in the southern hemisphere). Have made little progress on my first page, because of the lack of light. I have not been idle, I've made up my next two months pages ready to start and put down some ideas in my notebook.

Luckily for me to uplift my spirits it's my Birthday on Thursday June 21 and to celebrate I'm going out for dinner and then to my favorite Piano Bar for some good old girls night out fun! There are about 6 of us going so will be good to catch up - none of them are beaders but all have bought jewelery from me, good friends! Yes there will be plenty of bling on display!
Age as we all know is relative/just a number - so I'm turning 21 again. (This will be 36th year of 21's)!

Thought you may like to see the beaded candlestick I made for my nephew's wedding.

Catch up again soon
Dinah - Nospoj


Anonymous said...

Wish you a very happy birthday Dinah!Have lots of fun and a grand celebration on your special day.Post some nice birthday photos in your next.You can see some interesting birthday details on the blog I write.Happy weekend!

Timaree said...

Happy Birthday on the 21st of June and may the whole week be sunny! I saw one woman's work area in a magazine- she had two shop lights (unfancy fluorescent long-rod style) over her work area which meant the light from 4 bulbs directly overhead. I don't have an area that will support that arrangement but wish I had that much light.

Lillian said...

Hi Dinah,

Like what you did with the candlestick :o) Wishing you better weather also.

Happy Birthday on the 21st,

Lillian from WA

Artifax said...

Happy Birthday!

s said...

Happy Birthday,
I like the candle, thats a great idea.