Saturday, June 2, 2007

Bring on the beadin'!

Hola, I just wanted to introduce myself as I have been out of town 10 days and recently able to post online. I am very excited to be a part of this venture and want to take this opportunity to complete a project on a much grander scale than I am used to.... this year long commitment will test my ability to schedule in beading time and force me to READ instructions (which is something I loathe, lol). I've been racking my brain for a theme... changed that theme 3-4 times but finally [yesterday] I sewed up a few pages and sketched the concept of my book out in my mind. I plan to post my progress to my own blog soon at I'll definitely be checking back in here to read what you experienced beaders will share with us "newbies." Happy beading! ~Monica :)

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MoonRae said...

Hola Mija!! como estas?? Sorry to have missed you while you were here(El Paso)....thanks so much for the post card!! I'm thrilled you and so many of my friends are participating in the BJP.
love ya