Sunday, September 2, 2007

I'm still here!

Oh where did August go?! I made the mistake or maybe it wasn't a mistake to learn to knit this month. I enjoy the heck out of it. It is so meditative and relaxing. Just like sewing on beads. I'll get the beads going now that the initial serge of knitting is over. Now how can I do both? Oh and this month I signed up for crochet! What am I crazy? I just love to work with my hands. I also decided that this is the year (school year) that I will start to give back. I am working on a knitted premi blanket for our Children's hospital. I've completed several rectangles for warm up america. I want to continue this as I feel it's important. If I get to it, I'll post pictures of my rectangles and most of my premi blanket. I just love the way some of the yarns feel! My August BJP is about heat, hot weather. It has yellows, oranges and reds. Just a little tease for you. Nothing on my blog as of right now. Just thought I'd check in and let you know that I hadn't pierced myself with a needle or anything else. I have loved reading all the blogs. You are a bunch of creative people!!!! Thanks for sharing with us all. Hugs to everyone. Bead on - Heidi


Robin said...

I know how it is when you discover a new passion.. but, personally, I've always returned to beads, especially bead embroidery, as my favorite. Good for you about doing "give back..." I see more and more of that lately and love it! Thanks for checking in! Robin

a2susan said...

I have a son who was born prematurely 19 years ago. He received a knitted cap and booties in a warm yellow that I have always treasured. He quickly outgrew them, but I will never forget that someone took the time to make them. I think it's great that you're giving back - or maybe it's pay it forward?! Susan

KV said...

Hi, Heidi --

Isn't it fun to be learning so many new things, then enjoy doing them? My poor knitting projects have been languishing while I "play" with my beading projects. Your knitting for kids is wonderful!

Kathy V in NM

Fab Fibers said...

I put down beads for a while and picked up knitting. Love doing gave me a new prepective on beading and something else to incorporate beads into! Aren't we all a little crazy ;^)