Sunday, September 16, 2007


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Well, September is zipping along nicely but I am still doing August. However, I do know what I am doing for September now after tossing around a few ideas, so at least that is something.

As you can see I am only about ½ way done on this piece. All the symbols relate in some way to the fact I was 50 in August. They will be explained once I have finished.


Sunni said...

Well I for one can't wait to hear the story.
Happy Birthday even if its belated.
I also wanted to say thank you for your wonderful comments on my blog.
Your right we can do it and will.

Robin said...

Lisa Simpson, punk hair... can't wait to see what else will appear in celebration of your birthday! Looking forward to the explanations. Happy belated 50th!!!

KV said...

Aw, this is gonna be great!

Kathy V in NM