Sunday, September 9, 2007

September, unadorned

For the last couple of weeks I've been staring at the fabric for my Sept journal page. Each day it's still just a piece of fabric. Unadorned.

Yep, look at that, it's brown, it's square.
Next day: Yep, look at that, it's brown, it's square.
Day after that: Yep, look at that, it's brown, it's square.
Rinse and repeat.

There is the action of just putting a bead on. Yep, did that. Ripped it out. Did it again. Ripped it out again. So far, 4 tries and I'm getting really good at ripping it out. Even beaded an inch or so, nope ain't hitting that sweet spot.

I'm not really worried, something will slide in there and be the inspiration but for now I'm just contemplating my navel....errrr, that piece of fabric. Sometimes it's just nice to let it ride til something bubbles up unforced, unasked for and under the radar.

I think I'll go sit outside in the coolness of the morning. Enjoy the birds singing and the lawnmowers up and down the block.


KV said...

Yo, Vivage!

Go do something else for a while, some smaller, less important creative project. Before you know it, the BJP page will fall into place and you will be happily working away.

Kathy V in NM

Hélène H said...

Do you know what's holding you back, Vivage ?

You might want to try Julia Cameron's exercise of writing three pages of whatever gets in your head every morning ?

I think the beauty of the BJP is doing one piece per month on a long period of time ; it helps crack our difficulties, deepening maybe our sources of inspirations. I had a hard time with the...July and August pages, but I'm feeling more enthusiastic now :o)

Any Smith said...

I know how you feel and you just don't feel IT right now. I'm trying to learn a new stitch and this time I think I might have it, FINALLY and it'll be the 5th time I've tried.

Wait until the muse hits you - that's what I say.

Hope you heard more birds than lawnmowers:)

vivage said...

Yeah, I'm good, the muse is there lying in wait, I'm not worried. It's actually nice having a whole month to do something, no pressure.

Lots more birds than lawnmowers, squirels and doggies (I have 3 adults, 1 3 month old puppy) who were all playing and teaching the puppy to behave.