Monday, September 10, 2007

August sidestepped

G'Day All,
Had to make the big decision today to put aside my August page as it was just not working, so am going on to September and will get back to August when I come up with a better idea for it. I think my colour choice for the material made it just too hard- for me anyhow.
Am really enjoying the flicker site and the inspiration is somewhat overwhelming. I keep saying, Wow, OMG! and If only, but it makes me strive to do better
Thanks all, learning curve is on the up and up!


Lois B said...

Good for you! Sometimes it's best to just skip one and go on to the next. August will wait for you to come back.

I agree about the Flickr site. It's totally inspiring!

KV said...

Did the same thing with my July page -- did August first, then July. After three false starts, I finally finished it.

Lois is right -- it will be waiting for you when you are ready.

Kathy V in NM

nologic said...

I have a feeling that's a tough decision to make. I'm still fighting with August. After tearing out a section of the page 3 times, I am finally happy with the way it is looking.

freebird said...

I just ripped out my palm tree leaf; it didn't turn out as I'd hoped. And this is on my August page! I haven't started September yet although I know what I hope to do. I am trying not to skip one but who knows!

Robin said...

Years ago, when I first started doing bead embroidery, a good beading friend suggested, "Why not make a rule that we'll never rip anything out!" And so we did... for years, neither of us ripped.

I learned something from those years. At one or more times during the process of making each piece, I've hated it and wanted to rip. But when I just keep working, adding beads I love, eventually, I come to peace with it. In the end I've been happy with all of my work, even the pieces that have parts I hated during the process.

Nospoj said...

Well thanks all for your comments, I couldn't possibly rip anything out - takes so long to put in at times. And I wouldn't learn anything by it. So am going on with Sept and keep looking at August and making notes of ideas that keep popping into my head.