Saturday, September 15, 2007

Non dimenticatevi di me!

grossi problemi di connessione, qualche piccolo problema di salute e impegni di lavoro e di famiglia mi tengono lontana dal web...
ma continuo a lavorare per il progetto e di tanto in tanto riesco a sbirciare i vostri meravigliosi lavori, COMPLIMENTI A TUTTI, spero di riuscire a rientrare presto nei miei ritmi, un abbraccio, matilda.


Robin said...

Hi Matilda ~ sorry to hear you are having problems getting onto our blog site. You've been ill as well, and had job and family demands to keep you busy. I'm happy to hear you are still keeping up with your BJP pieces! Good luck with getting back to a balanced rhythm. And, thanks for the compliments on everybody's work. You're right... it's amazing! Take care... warm hugs, Robin

freebird said...

Matilda, I hope you are feeling better. Not to worry - so many of us are a little bit behind on our work. We have many months to go so we can catch up. Relax and take care of yourself, then worry about the BJP pages.