Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Inner Critic Does a Dance on My Head

I'm very much a beginner at bead embroidery (I tend to bead more like embellishment than a work in itself) but I finally worked up the courage to put the first two of my pages out there. My mom had a stroke in July so most of my time is going into helping her, but the beading has become my quiet space.

Anyway, here's my June page and my July page. I'm still working on August but I actually get two days at home this weekend, so I have high hopes.

Also, someone sent me an email about something they were doing for Robin. It went to my spam box and I saw it juuuuust as I was deleting my spam for the week. If whoever reads that could send me the message again, I'd appreciate it.

You all do such beautiful work. It's an inspiration just being part of this group.



beadbabe49 said...

your pieces are just beautiful and I love the fabric!
oddly enough, although I came to this project as a beader, I'm now doing more with lovely fabric and threads than I ever have before!

Kiwi Ellen said...

Hey Barb, that would have been me ;9 & I just resent it - obviously you are very active anyhow & I love both of your pages..

Teresa said...

Your pages are great!
I just finished June and July too...the important thing is to keep beading!
Teresa Sturnfield