Monday, September 24, 2007

Up to date with September

Hi all - I finally got to the point to show some pieces. I'm making a pillow, where each month's piece is part of a spiral. The spiral is not exactly like I planned it, but it'll work just fine. My pieces are on my site at:

You can click on a piece and a page telling about it will come up.

I see that others are doing pages for a book. I was going to do this, as I really like the idea. But I didn't know how to bind the pages together so I'm making a pillow. It turns out I just took a book binding class and learned the Link Stitch, so I could have made a book. Oh well, maybe next time.

Take care and have a beady good day... Karen L. Cohen


freebird said...

Enjoyed your site and your beaded pages. Having them all on a pillow is a good idea. They look very nice; your descriptions were very good too. (Can tell you are a teacher)!

sweetpea_path said...

Karen, I think your pillow idea is totally COOOL! I'm looking forward to seeing how your spiral develops...a very creative solution for 12 months fitting together...and you won't have to worry about how to frame or present each month like the rest of us will :>}} A super idea!!

Christi, in WA state

KV said...

Your idea is so innovative and wonderful to look at! It's a treasure house of memories already.

Kathy V in NM

nologic said...

I love your idea of a spiral. It makes such a strong statement. I look forward to your seeing your future work.

I think the monthly projects are called a 'page' for lack of a better word. I still don't know if I am going to frame or make a book.

vivage said...

Wonderful piece, love the colors (faves of mine). The spiral pillow is very intriguing!

Loved your site and your sisters too. I drooled over many of your pieces.

Dorris said...

I love how the outward spiral brings to mind (at least to me) how time unfolds itself revealing a little at a time. Or how our memories collapse time so that memories seem to blend into one another. It will be a great pleasure watching your pillow come in to completion.


Sacredartist said...

I love the energy that your spiral is giving off. I really love purple. It is such a spiritual color. I find it hard to find purple beads (that are the right color purple) and would like to know where you ordered yours from. I can totally relate to your wanting to horde your purple beads ...they are beauties.
Looking forward to seeing how your pillow is transformed by this year.