Saturday, September 15, 2007

Artful Whatever

I'm responding to Marcia's post about creating an "Artful Blog" and the magazine article which disappointed her. Here's my opinion about it...

What is an artful blog? Isn't it one that is appealing, fun to view and authentic? Making a blog like that takes practice and time. It's like your BJP pages... the more you do, the more you learn and the more your own unique voice develops.

Some years ago the buzz word of the day was embellishments. Today it's artful. Bah-humbug! I suggest we take it for what it is, a media buzz word, and go about our business of doing art and blogging about it, learning and getting better at it over time.


mountainsaltstudio said...

Bah-humbug! I suggest we take it for what it is, a media buzz word, and go about our business of doing art and blogging about it, learning and getting better at it over time.

my first response was not appropriate for public viewing so i'll just say 'right on robin'!

freebird said...

What I have seen on so many of the BJPers blogs is the owners feelings and personalities coming through. Each one, though using a template, is unique and creative. I think that is plenty "artful".

KV said...

One of the newest things for me as part of the BJP was to start a blog. You will never know how amazed all of my six grown kids are that I even have a blog!

My own impression of the "artful blog" syndrome is the same as that of the burgeoning scrapbook crafting industry -- we had fantastic scrapbooks when I was a kid and teenager a "hundred years" ago and did everything ourselves without cutesy stuff to buy.

Being beaders, we are artists and eventually our blogs become works of art as we grow and learn.

I'm with Diane -- deep personal feelings about this topic cannot be printed!

Kathy V in NM

beadbabe49 said...

well said, robin, kathy, freebird and mss! I couldn't agree more.

Mary Timme said...

Imagine a Marine boot camp, or Navy Seal training course, and I say to your blog blurb, HUUUURRRRAHHH!

Nancy K. said...

I guess I will have the dissenting opinion. I found the magazine beautiful and inspiring, although a bit expensive. I agree it is a media buzzword, artful that is, but there were some great pictures in it!

Kiwi Ellen said...

LOL Well said Robin

Although I guess it's a case of different strokes for different folks

Sacredartist said...

What is an Artful Blog? To me an artful blog has soul.
An artful blog is one that creates passion and adds to ones knowledge of him or herself and the world around them or just the person that created the art. Also and artful blog shares other voices and other ways of seeing things, that may not be like your own.
To me the art should be living and should create a force that lives past the moment it was shared. The art is also living in that it lives during the time it was first conceptualized and things change for the artist during the time that she worked on it. Fortunately with a blog you get the feeling of a real person behind the art.
So then in looking at the art of others, we probably first are curious how that art has transformed the person or speaks to that artist. Why did they use those images, colors, size, shapes.
I have notice that in working on a piece of art for a month that it becomes deeper in texture and meaning. It really captures that time for the artist.
I really like reading about other peoples pages when they open up the soul of what they are thinking. We live in a culture that is afraid to step out and be different. Artist are different and they have the courage to step out and dance.
You all are showing me a lot of new steps...thank you.