Friday, September 14, 2007

To Bind or Not to Bind

Dear Robin, I have been thinking about putting my BJP 2007 pages into a cloth book presentation. Before I start doing this I'd like to know if there is any restriction at this point in time on the presentation of our project.

Do you want us to keep the pages separate until the project is ended?

I look forward to hearing from you soon.



vivage said...

I'm not Robin but as far as I know there is no restrictions on how you choose to finish your project. I've seen some people are making a quilt like journal, some are hanging them all vertically, some in cloth-like books, some with hard supports, some without and some like me, haven't made a decsion yet.

Go for whatever you feel works for you.

Robin said...

Yes, vivage is right on target when she says there is a wide variety of presentations being considered, and many of us haven't made a decision yet (including me). No restrictions. It's your journal ~ you can have it however you want and do it whenever you want. Go for it!!!