Saturday, September 1, 2007

double or single?

What is your preferred method of attaching beads. I am a relative newbie to beading on fabric and know nothing about beading for jewellery. Anything I have learnt, has been on the Internet and Margaret Ball's book "Embeadery". The one thing I could never get a clear answer on, was whether to double the thread or keep it single. I usually keep it single and go through again if I feel it needs to be more secure, that way, like the edging on my July page, I can go through it a few times without the needle getting stuck (especially for no15's).

The reason I ask this is because I bought this book, yesterday, by Larkin Jean Van Horn (I am a sucker for pretty pictures) and it is the first book that explicitly states use a double thread.


vivage said...

Single and if you feel it needs to be more secure go thru it twice. Also the type of thread you use, the strenght can help dictate how often you pass thru. The beads as well, bugles are more apt to cut thread because of their rough edges.

With bead emboidery it also depends whether it's something you'll wear and wash a lot or something like a journal page where there probably isn't going to be much wear and tear.

Double thread just makes undoing errors that much more difficult. And often if you don't pull both of the threads evenly you can get little loopies of thread that stick out in between beads.

If you absolutely need to fill the bead hole with thread, doubling it goes faster...but for me that is more trouble than it's worth.

Thats my preference, others may have preferences the other way.

flyingbeader said...

I was taught to use single thread & have always done it that way. I believe the double thread view is from those coming from a quilting background where you use double cotton thread. That is the clincher right there! Cotton thread. Cotton thread has more tendency to break than the beading threads we use. Beading threads are multi strand & so less prone to breaking, but don't let that fool you as they can & will. Just remember to always use a seed bead before & after a bugle as they are notorious for cutting thread & then crystals need special consideration too as they are well know to cut thread.

good luck & can't wait to see what you are working on.


KV said...

To add to the previous comments, there are different thicknesses of beading thread as well. If you have a local bead store, go visit them and ask to see the difference in the threads.

Kathy V in NM

a2susan said...

I use a single thread. I put two beads on, go back through three, so the thread in essence becomes doubled by going through the beads again. I go through bugles twice and don't use a seed bead on either end of them. I either use PowerPro (because that's my favorite thread) or OneG thread, because it doesn't seem to fray as much as others do for me. Everyone has a favorite thread, it's a very personal choice, and you should use what you're comfortable with. Susan

Kiwi Ellen said...

I use a single thread of Nymo or C-Lon. I never use ordinary sewing thread for beading because it is not strong enough.

I do go back through rows of backstitch to make the beads straighten up & pop

nologic said...

I have to agree that single thread with beads works best. I tried double for the bead embroidery and had trouble keeping even tension with both threads.

There is one case in which I use double thread with any success.
After sewing on a line of beads using Nymo with the back stitch, I will use two strands out of the six in embroidery floss to sew through all the beads in line. This fills the holes with thread and lines them up as well as getting them to stand up.

Robin said...

Me too... Single thread, use common sense about double or tripple pass through some beads. I'm a Nymo D gal. If I'm using the wee-itty-bitty beads (like vintage 16s) where I need to use a size 15 or 16 needle, I use Nymo O.


Any Smith said...

I like bead embroidery because there are no rights and no wrongs. I'm learning as I go along. I think that threads differ depending upon the intended use (handling, etc) of the project.

Kathy Wagner said...

I always use Nymo D - single threaded. However I am nervous about bugle beads cutting the thread, so I usually put seed beads on the ends of them or else double thread the bugles.

abeadlady said...

I have taken Larkin's class in bead embroidery and I still use a single thread. I use 6 or 8lb Fireline and have had no problems with it. I do, however, put seed beads on the ends of bugles. Why take a chance?