Thursday, September 13, 2007

Artful Blogging- How?

Instead of getting to work on my next BJP page I have fallen into a Blogger Black Hole. There's so much to learn. Well, I've just learned how to post a picture of myself to my blog posts. Here it is.
Next I will use this knowledge to post my beaded work. That is, if my memory holds up!
A colleague of mine told me that there's a new publication out "Artful Blogging" by Somerset. I thought this would be useful for my BJP Blogging activities so I went on a mission.
I finally saw a copy in a Philadelphia JoAnn's. I was out there teaching. The publication is nowhere to be found in South Florida where i live.
I thumbed through it and in my opinion it looks like a scrap booking magazine for scrap bookers. I saw little if anything about how to go about creating a blog and the techniques to do so. Has anyone else reviewed this publication? What do you think of it?


Anonymous said...

Great picture Marcia - can't wait to see your beaded journal pages.
Sandra : )

Morwyn said...

I thought the mag was more of a "look what these guys did and you can too" with very little practical advice - most blog hosts have templates set up so that you don't need to know much html, but there are a lot of more informative mags out there in the computer section that deal more with design basics, specifically dealing with designing for the computer screen.

Jacqui said...

The only reason I know of its existance is because of this rather condesending blog peice in the Guardian last week,

It manages to mention one blog by Anahata Katkin and then the comments are the usual catty remarks your expect from a peice like this.

Robin said...

Making an artful blog takes practice and time. It's like the BJP... the more you do it, the more you learn and the more your unique voice develops.

Six years ago the buzz word of the day was embellishments. Today it's artful. I suggest we take it for what it is, a media buzz word, and go about our business of doing art and blogging about it.

Tally said...

Very beautiful picture of yourself.
Once you have established a blog of your own please drop me a note.

Blogging is very easy. You were able to do this post and put a picture in. Same would be for your own blog. Just choose a name and start with blogger.

For making the page looking more sophisticated just take babysteps. They do take time, but you don't have to force.

Hello from Hamburg