Sunday, September 30, 2007

Spring has sprung Downunder!

G'Day Beaders,
I've been very busy this past month. After making the big decision to sidestep August I'm pleased to announce that my September page is finished and posted on the Flickr site.
It's Springtime here but feels like mid summer already. Today here is 30 Degrees Celsius, which is 86 Degrees Fahrenheit yep very hot!
I've spent the day setting up the rest of my pages ready to be beaded and also done a bit more to August but it still has a way to go. Will attempt to finish it alongside October.
Sorry to see that some of us have dropped out but nice to be able to Welcome the brave souls that have stepped up to replace them.
I'd like to be able to see all the completed pages on Flickr as I just don't have the time to jump round the net visiting all the blogs (hint! Hint!)
Talk again soon

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Robin said...

Beautiful flower and beautifully beaded! Thanks for posting to Flickr...