Monday, September 24, 2007

Way Behind.....

Hi everyone,
I have fallen way behind due to my vacation, but am hoping to get August completed this week and catch up on September next month. You can check out a few vacation pics on my page here, Trilly. I had the most incredible time at Burning Man and even spent one day at a camp that had beading. They had tray upon tray of beads and I sat in there for a few hours with a couple friends stringing necklaces. It was so much fun to dig through someone else's beads and at the same time was very relaxing in the middle of a hectic week.
Have a great beading week.


Robin said...

Yes, there's nothing so relaxing and fun as stringing beads with friends at a camp! You'll catch up and we'll look forwrd to seeing them as you finish! Welcome back... Robin

Trilly said...

Thanks Robin. It truly was, and then add the oppressive heat and dust storms going on around us, yet not touching as us we sat together and was beautiful.