Monday, September 17, 2007

How To Link to Your Blog from BJP Blog

Just a quick reminder...if you want to link to your blog from this one, you need to first write your post....then highlight (left click your mouse and drag the curser over it) a word, then go up to the little icons at the top of this post box and click on the one that looks like a link with a greenish circle behind it, and put the URL of your blog where it says: Enter your URL......then click OK.
After you publish your post, the word you highlighted will be clickable by the rest of us and will take us right to your blog!
When I do mine, I usually highlight the word "here", as in, "see my october piece here" and that takes anyone right to my blog....

1 comment:

madness said...

LOL... thank you for this reminder. Every time I try to do it and can't figure it out!