Sunday, September 16, 2007

I have a question...

Hello all you hard beading ladies out there!
The weather has turned cool here in MI,
and for once I am not stewing in a menopausal sauna.
Spring and fall are the two seasons I love the most.
I've put my bead embroidery down for a little while,
so I can catch up with things that I've left undone.
But enough of my ramblings...I have a question
for the quilters out there. If you have the time
could you please go to my blog and see
if you can offer me some suggestions on a quilt I have?
Any input would be so helpful to me. Thanks in advance...

Rosanne (FabFibers)

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Anonymous said...

sorry, couldn't leave a comment at your post (no memory for my google account:)

you can write to me at or at my store (

:) Linda