Sunday, September 30, 2007

Officially Behind

Well, it looks like I'm officially behind two months...... how can it be?? My August page is 85% complete and my September page is 10% started. Doesn't that make me 95% done??? Oh well, I will get caught up this month I promise, I have taken on a new project for Church that will be finished next Sunday and it has occupied a lot more of my time than I anticipated.

My August page will be finished this week, and I will post pictures as soon as it happens.

Happy Fall to everyone,


freebird said...

I wish I were as done as you are. I am about 75% done on Aug. and 0% on Sept.!!

Robin said...

Maybe those of us who are behind can put a bead day on our calendars.. a whole day to work on our BJP pages and nothing else... That's what I'm going to try.

In fact, I just did it! I designated this Friday, Oct 5th as Robin's Bead Day!!! I make a public commitment right now to put no other thing on my to do list for that day.