Sunday, September 9, 2007

September progress

Well, I'm feeling really good about the progress and vision of my September piece. I'd been planning to do a polymer clay piece at some point, since I'm a poly clay neophyte, and this month I've actually gotten something that I feel good enough about using. Here's the start of my womandala.
Happy September, everyone!


KrispiS said...

I love your start and the name... WOmandala! The face from polymer clay is fabulous! Funny, I just added a face (commercially cast) to my September page, too.

beadnik said...

Thanks! I can't lay claim to the womandala term, even though as far as I know I'd never run into it before. But after I thought of it, I googled the term and lo and behold, there are many sites that are built around the word. (I guess it's fairly obvious if you think about it....)
This month's page is going quickly and I'm enjoying it immensely.

flyingbeader said...

Love the page, but this is silly...I thought of a web. Guess I'm dreaming of Halloween.