Sunday, September 23, 2007

First Quarter

I have added my photos to the flickr site. June, July and August are available at I struggle with the posting part for both the blog and flickr for to make a hot link rather than having to post this long address. Advice from anyone would be greatly appreciated! Happy beading, Jopat


Lin Moon said...

Look about 20 messages down from yours - about 10 past the pretty beaded green leaves photo and there is a post entititled "How To Link to Your Blog from BJP Blog". This says it all! Good Luck!

vivage said...

Also, your typed link to flickr doesn't work. I'd fix it for you but I don't know the correct address.

Go here for instructions:

Go here to get instructions on how to post to the beadjournal blog:

Robin said...

You might want to print out these two pages and keep them for handy reference:
making links
posting to BJP blog