Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I met another BJP Member!

G'Day All,
On Sunday I went to a Bead and Gem Show here in Sydney Australia, during the course of the afternoon's wonderful shopping spree, I happened to stop at a stall that was selling raffle tickets with all the funds going to The Cancer Council - an organisation here that,provides support services for patients and carers; information resources on all cancer types and issues; cancer prevention and screening; advocacy campaigns.

Got chatting with the two ladies there and lo and behold one of them - Bianca - is one of us!
It was so nice to meet someone involved with the BJP, if time had of permitted I'm sure we could have talked for a lot longer.


Robin said...

Thanks for telling about your meeting with Bianca! What fun!!! I hope I'll get to meet some BJPers some day too... Have a beady fun day!

Beverly Herman said...

That's great you got to met a fellow BJP'er! It is a amazing how those small beads can bring us all together

Beverly Herman said...
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Ellen said...

What fun, I love how these sparkly little beads bring us together & meeting an 'on line' bead buddy in person is a wonderful experience - I have met several of my on line beading friends in person over the past few years & hope to meet more still

Timaree said...

Lucky you! It seems like you'd never run into one of 240 BJPers spread around the globe and then you did! Thanks for sharing.