Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Flickr how-to's

Now, I may have gone about this the long way around, but I figured out how to post my pics to the BJP Flikr today. The first thing I did was go to and sign up. This was easy for me, since I already had a Yahoo membership, and I think that's a must for signing up to Flickr. After I signed up, I clicked on the Upload Pictures link and followed the directions to upload my pictures. Again, not hard. Then I couldn't figure out how to add the pics to the bead journal page. OK, the FAQ's covered that! First I had to join the bead journal project group. I did that by searching for beadjournalproject, clicking on the link, and clicked on the Join this Group button. Then I went back to my Flicker page, found my pictures and double clicked each picture in turn and clicked on the send to group link that appears beneath the title and above the picture. Flicker then gives you a choice of what group to send your picture to (assuming you belong to more than one group), if you just belong to Bead Journal Project, you only get one choice, but you need to highlight it and click it, then click OK when prompted. The picture is then shared with the Bead Journal Project page. Cool!


Timaree said...

Thanks for posting this. It's always great to have people who can give good instructions in a group!

beadbabe49 said...

great job, sarah...thanks!

Robin said...

Thanks so much, Sarah! One fabulous thing (among many) about this group, is that someone always rises to the call for help! Makes my day!

KrispiS said...

Thank you! It is different with each system, and this one is not as obvious as some, so I really appreciate your guided tour! THANKS for writing it out so clearly!