Sunday, October 21, 2007

Falling in a Beading Vortex

This last week+ I have definitely fallen into a Beading Vortex. I have spent a lot of hours beading and have gotten little else done but with that I have have managed to finished both of my October and August pages. I have finally gotten my blogs updated. My BJP Blog has my updates on those and my Artistic Kreations and Passions Blog has a picture of all of the first 5 pages hanging together.



Teresa said...

Hi Angela,
I love your pages, the mix of beading and other media..wonderful!
Teresa S.

Karen L. Cohen said...

I especially love your 3 leaves in the October piece. Were these peyote or brick stitched and then attached or were they bead embroidered on? The pattern is so regular they look stitched 1st. Lovely!!!

Angela said...

The leaves are russian leaves which uses diaginal peyote stitch, I took a class at Bead Fest to learn how to do them and then played with them to get them to do different things. I really like the lacy feel they have and they don't look to heavy for the page. They are attached only along the veins so the edges are free to overlap or just be free.

I am really enjoying the challenges of mixing beading and photography and trying new things. I am learning so many new things as I go.