Monday, October 8, 2007

September finished, October on it's way

Hi fellow beaders,

I've finished - a little late - my September page.
You can view it HERE

October is half done.

Happy beading to all


Padparadscha said...

I love your work, Caroll. The cabochon is really nice.

Robin said...

Since I don't see a way to post a comment on your BJP page, I'll write it here. Oh, Caroll, your work is so beautiful, flowing, rich, happy, elegant, and technically perfect! It makes me feel good to scroll up and down the page, stopping at each month's work to admire the detail and soak up the depth of it. Thanks for posting!

Caroll L. said...

Hi Robin,
Thank you for your nice comments on my work.
I must say that it is YOU who have made me discover heavy beading when you published your first book "One bead at a time" in 2001.
You give me so much :-)

Since then I never stop adding beads on my stitched work and today I'm really glad to participate in your project :-))It' a daily joy.


coral-seas said...

Hi Caroll

There is something about your work that touches my soul and moves me in away that I'm sure other beaders already understand, but as someone who only discovered bead embroidery at the start of this project, I am blown away by how rich and gorgeous a few beads can be.


KV said...

This is so lush and regal. I adore the way you do these pages!

Kathy V in NM

Robin said...

Caroll ~ Thanks so much for your kind remarks... It just makes my day when someone "gets it" about how fun bead embroidery is!!!

Angela said...

Your pages are truly stunning and you integrate bead embroidery with your other embroidery on the page so wonderfully, your pages are so lush I want to touch them in the worst way. Congrats they are amazing~Angie

abeadlady said...

There is such an elegant flow to your work that the eye moves from place to place easily. Your color palettes are great. I just enjoy looking at your pages.