Sunday, October 14, 2007

This really got my imagination going

Take a few minutes to peek back in time (about 3,700 years) and visit a kindred spirit. Be sure to look at all the pictures. I have some modern beads that are similar.

I have been examining ancient mankind's journey across the globe in my project and this is a major inspiration.

plodding along with my beads in modern Maryland


abeadlady said...

Thanks for sharing this with us Dorris. It boggles the mind how little some things change over the centuries. The whole project was interesting, especially seeing the time consuming efforts to prevent further damage to the finds. Wouldn't you love to make something from those beads?

Padparadscha said...

Great stuff, Dorris !

I have always been drawn to archeology's finds, especially jewels. It's fascinating to think that these jewels were worn by people so long ago, and to wonder about their everyday life, their joys and sorrows. To me it's far more moving than statues and building.

Thanks for sharing :o)

CC said...

Thanks so much for sharing this site! I love digs! Dirt & Rocks! It was so amazing to watch that man remove the layers & discover the beads beneath! How exciting!
With aloha,