Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Behinder Beader

I've started September's page here. I've not yet finished August's page and now it's October! Wondering if I should start October's too and have a whopping 3 months worth "in progress"? Somehow the Summer got hectic and I'm sitting here in NH looking at Fall colors and wondering where the time went to.

...one very behinder beader .....



Barb said...

You made me laugh! I'm a "behinder", too, and I can't decide whether to call my August page my October page just to make myself feel less behind or just to tough it out. Just know that there are others like me back there with you! :)

Trilly said...

Hi, My name is Trilly and I am a behinder also. LOL I feel better already just admitting I have this problem too. I am finishing August now, have barely started September and have had October wander past my mind a little. You are not alone :)

Hugs, Trilly