Saturday, October 27, 2007

October Done

Finished my October page this morning. Would have been done a long time ago, but my friend (not) arthritis decided to pay a visit. I've barely been able to bead for the past three weeks. This is the first time I've incorporated fibers in my work. I've been inspired by all the wonderful beadwork I've seen over the past several months. I love that each one of us brings our own thoughts and feelings to these pages. This has been a major change for me. I've always done a lot of bead weaving and right now anyway it hold little appeal to me. All I want to do is embroidery.

You can see my latest page at: I will also post it to Flicker sometime this weekend. On to November.....

Arline L

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Anonymous said...

It's gorgeous, Arline! I love the theme you chose for October :-)