Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Journals, Keeping Track of the Journey

I have been making cards to go in pockets on the back of each of my pieces and making journals to go along with them. I just finished my journals for August, September, and October and posted photos of them on my BJP blog if you would like to check them out. The photo is of the 5 finished journals side by side. Angie



Robin said...

These look awesome! What a great idea to have this double journal concept! I'm not quite clear about it... so cards go in the pockets, PLUS you have a visual journal as well for each month... or, does the journal go in the pocket too?

KM said...

Exquisite! Truly great work! I love pockets!!!

Angela said...

I started out with the idea of putting the journals in the pockets but quickly figured out they were way to big so decided to make a card for each piece. It has most of the same info but is much more compact.

Yes if you are counting for each month I am making my page plus a card and a journal. Will get interesting when Wayne is home and I am not having as much time.

If you go to my main blog and look at the picture of the back of my pieces you can see that June and July have the cards in their pockets.