Sunday, October 21, 2007

Signing posts and photos

I'm wondering if folks could sign both their posts and their photos with their name? I'm trying to remember to do that myself as I'm listed as beadbabe49, which is my main web name and with bobbi (kirk) which is my actual name.
I'm seeing some artists' work that I'd love to see more of, but that's impossible without a name or at least their blog or website.
bobbi (beadbabe49) kirk


Robin said...

I ditto Bobbi's request! YES, please do sign your posts, and if you have a blog, it would be nice if you'd make a link from your name to your blog!

Bobbi... you might want to change the title of your post to "Signing posts and photos" rather than "Labeling" as we decided not to label posts with our names (bottom of text box) because there are so many of us. Thanks.

vivage said...

You know each blog post does show the posters name who has posted the post. For example this one says: Posted by beadbabe49 at 3:07 PM. It's located right underneath the post just left of the comments link.

I haven't been putting my blog link into general blog posts here but certainly, but I don't update my beadjournal blog very often. In fact, I still need to post Sept and Oct pages!