Monday, October 22, 2007

Just a quick question - not about BJP

This is a photo of my work desk, that often slips over to my dining table. The question is:- is it messy or a creative space?
My family and friends think it's messy but every time I "tidy it up" I can't seem to find anything and therefore creativity flies out the window.


Padparadscha said...

Messy ?! You should see my space (I don't dare to post a photo lol)... it looks like a perfectly normal work space to me :o)

Teresa said...

I think your space represents a creative mind!
Everyone works differenty. I'd smile at the comments and say "this works for me..."
Teresa S.

Denise said...

I had to put my beads 'away' cause they were bugging my family and now I get out what I need for a project - which is still messy but less messy. I find I miss my beads all out in the open though and I'm not as prone to go hunting around in them when I change my mind about a colour, it's more of an effort!
So one of these days I'll have them all out, I think we are more visual that way - what is out in front spurs on the creativity and inspires us! It's not about being neat or not, it's about having our artistic medium around us - our bead pallette accessable!
Cheers, Denise

Karen said...

What mess?? I just see a workspace!! That's what my area looks like when I'm working. I do my best work when surrounded by my 'stuff'.
Would it make a Better Homes magazine - no! But then I look at those pictures and can't envision anyone living there... ;-)
Karen Mc aka kwltnmoma

Any Smith said...

As my dad says, an empty desk is a sign of an empty mind!

Mine's just as bad and my workspace spills over to all sorts of places in the home.

I've always had a cluttered workspace - you see things together that you wouldn't if it was tidy (I don't like that word tidy - phew.)

Julie said...

I think if you are getting creative in the space you work and are comfortable than its just that,your creative space. I work messy too-thats just the way I work. However,I am a really neat person. Who knows-dont judge yourself,just make pretty things. Julie C

KV said...

This simply looks like good fun to me. Just remember your friends who may think it's messy most likely are not creative like you!

Kathy V in NM

vivage said...

I think it looks just like home. :-)

Timaree said...

My husband always wonders how I can find anything in my "mess" but he's the one who always needs my help finding stuff he put away so he wouldn't lose it! If you are able to work with it all out then do so. My daughter would say it's okay unless you are taking up someone else's space; then you'd need to pare back.

Robin said...

I agree with Julie... whatever works, whatever makes you want to bead and love it when you do... that's your creative space.

I've noticed there are "pile" beaders (who generally keep their beads in separate piles) and "stew" beaders (who generally wind up with many types and sizes of beads mixed together). But, I've never noticed that one type does better or faster beadwork than the other. Maybe it's similar about the workspace.

Personally, I'm a "pile" beader, and I work best when my workspace is neat and tidy with only the beads I'm actively using on my beading cloth.

Nospoj said...

Thanks everyone, luckily I live alone and only have to worry if I have family or guests' for dinner etc.
I must be a "stewed pile" beader, Robin, as I seem to have both methods going, and all the beads on the desk are involved in ongoing projects/orders. I also have two Tall cupboards with drawers, one for beads - sorted by colour and size and one for findings and "odds and sods".Those are very neat. But then did I mention I'm a Gemini!Ha Ha

Quilt Architect said...

If it works for you then it is not messy. I think some of us organize our minds and so our outside world doesn't have to be as tidy as some people require their exterior.
There are times when this is what my work space looks like, but when a project is over I need to clean up. If I just pile one project on the last project it starts to drag what I am working on down. So if you are feeling this way tidying up a bit might give your project a lift.

The bad Liz said...

Mess? What mess?