Monday, September 3, 2007

BJP 2007June Page

Hi Everyone... Yes I'm still alive and kicking! Honestly if I was any slower I would be going the other way!
I thought I better get busy and post a picture of the June page.
I had trouble at the start, couldn't seem to home in on anything that appealed to me. One day I was humming this song and the lightening bolt struck......Songs!
So this one as you probably have guessed is "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" birds fly....etc.....,
I have the next 2 pages started and am trying very hard to get them on board..
Stay tuned :0)
Maggie R


Maggie R said...

I forgot to mention the beadwork along th one side will be applied to each page so I can fasten them all to-gether at the end. I will make a nice cover to house them. That'm my story anyway and i'm sticking to it VBG
Maggie R

Kiwi Ellen said...

I love your idea for your pages Maggie & will be watching for your songs each month

I have to say your family tree beaded doll is super..

Maggie R said...

Hi kiwi ellen...
Thanks for your nice comments..
Every day a new experience :0)

KV said...

Maggie -- Don't know how I missed this wonderful piece of happiness previously. It does make one smile to see it!

Kathy V in NM