Tuesday, August 7, 2007

July Finished

This is the third time I have tried to post this evening, Blogger keeps rejecting me when I try to post.

I have finished my July page and posted pictures to my blog if you care to have a peek.

We will be taking a few day vacation and I will be contemplating my August page while we travel. I have the background fabric basted to the timtex and the plan will be to finish on time this month. I still haven't decided how to finish the pages, but there will be long cold dark winter evenings in front of the wood stove to complete the backs, and method of display.


Robin said...

Sometimes blogger can test our patience... Thanks for seeing it through and congrats on finishing your July page!

Lillian said...

Your bloodroot flower is cool, I like the way the yellow beads in the middle stand up :o) Lillian