Sunday, August 12, 2007

August page

I'm working on my August page. I've learned a lot in this process so far. For June I used ultrasuede, for July I used fabric and paper, and for August I'm using Lacy's Stiff Stuff. The ultrasued just about destroyed my wrist, the fabric was distracting, and the Stiff Stuff is a joy to use - easy to handle, lightweight, and best of all, little stress on the wrist. I have also tried different size needles, including sharps and long needles, and prefer the longer needles. I need help in finishing pieces. Since I don't have a background in needle work, I have little experience in finishing a piece nicely, and with all round pieces, this is a challenge for me. I am fascinated by the people who are beading over photos and altered art, and bought some fabric I can put through the printer to experiment on. So my creative world is expanding and I am learning new things.

I have found that as time goes by, the beading gets easier, but the thoughts behind the piece get more challenging, because I am confronting issues in my life that I can either choose to avoid or address in the journal page. After all, we are journaling, just visually. One thing that I really am happy about is the contact with people I am meeting through our blogs, the exposure to other journal pages, and to the different kinds of art that people create. I wish even more people would post on the main blog, because I love reading and seeing what they are up to. Have a wonderful day!


matilda said...

ciao Susan,
mi piacerebbe vedere il tuo lavoro, ma non riesco a trovare il tuo blog o web site.
sono d'accordo con te sulla straordinaria occasione di potersi confrontare con tante persone diverse e tanti stili diversi.
spero tu possa capirmi,
ciao matilda

coral-seas said...

Hi Susan
Although I am not a BJPer, I am watching progress through links on this blog. I agree with you, the learn experience is wonderful, as is 'sharing' peoples personal journeys.
Matilda: I understand you (with a little help from Babel Fish) but I know try to translate for myself before resorting to the translator. Slowly, I am recognising a few words of Italian, thank to you.