Thursday, August 2, 2007

August start

I started my Aug piece a week ago. I've got the center piece of it done, mostly. It's a stylized lotus flower, it looks a bit like a columbine because it's got 3 main petals but the center is lotus-like and I've added 3 other smaller petals.

The water is what I am working on now...but don't really like it. I'm sticking with it, even tho I think the currents shown are too turbulent.

But maybe that turbulence is exactly what is when it comes to the meaning of the piece. More later.


Marci B. said...

What a fun project! I wish you all continued good luck :)

Robin said...

I so want to see a picture of this flower... do you have a blog where you've posted pictures of your BJP pieces? For some reason I can't find it... Will you please give us a link? Thanks! Robin