Thursday, August 30, 2007

Coming out of the basement.....

Whew have I been busy these last two months creating dolls and beading like a mad person. Just yesterday, I finished my three entries for Bead International. YEAH!!!! Now to burn the CD & send it off to the Dairy Barn. But I have been doing so many other things as well. Yes, I feel like a juggler. I did put on my blog which I must admit, I've neglected for months with pictures of my June & July projects. I have finished August but need to get another picture as the one I took was so out of focus. Also on my blog is a doll that I've created for the ADQ challenge Altered Fashion dolls. I've got to get slides of that sent out tomorrow too! Hope you all enjoy & I'm going to really try to keep updated on this project now that I've got so many other things completed.



matilda said...

che meraviglia le tue bambole, bravissima!!!
ciao matilda

Cyndi L said...

Best wishes on your entries Dot! Your dolls are amazing as always :-)