Monday, August 27, 2007

August BJP

Just a reminder, fellow beaders - the next time that I say I am going to work with vintage, smaller than 15 seed beads............just shoot me.

These are just killing my eyes!!! Yikes

August will be late and September will be with 11's


freebird said...

What size needle do you use? I bought some vintage beads and some 15 needles but they wouldn't go through the beads. I am thinking it was the needle brand as it looked as large as my 11,s.

I think I will save those beads for a very tiny project so no one will have to shoot me!!

Robin said...

Yup... character building they are... and you already have plenty! I'm using vintage 15s and 16s on mine right now and a size 16 needle (John James is the smallest brand of the four I have in my stash), which is bending and sooo difficult to get through my layers of fabric and paper. But I love the detail you can get with the tiny beads. Oh yeah, and eyes... so I talked with my eye Dr. about my work, and he gave me extra magnification in my blended trifocals at my working distance for beading... way way better now! Bravo to you for sticking with it... having a reward ahead (a piece with all 11s!!!) is a good idea!


Mary Timme said...

Would you believe I'm doing the Jesus head with fifteens and using wire for the warp! I'll have so much character when I'm done Abe will have to move out of his monument and let me sit there a spell!

vivage said...

I LOVE 15's but I only use them for detail work and have never tried to do a whole piece. I'm afraid they'll have to lock me in an attic if I do.

The 11's will feel positively gigantic!

KV said...

Hope you have some glasses with greater magnification to work with. And I bet your piece will be beautifully detailed with all those teeny, tiny beads, too.

Kathy V in NM

The bad Liz said...

Thanks all - I have my progressive lenses with extra magnification, plus my reading glasses on top of my glasses (with the eye doctor permission)!!

I'm only a little nuts today!!