Tuesday, August 28, 2007

July Finished

Like Jacqui I just finished my July piece. Now I am asking my self is my next piece August or September? Should I call it September and try and fit in August when I have extra time? Or is it August and I try to do two in September? So many beads so little time.


Robin said...

Conngrats on finishing July! Can't wait to see it!

Maybe you could start both August and September at the same time... get out fabric and beads for both of them; then just start on the one that seems the most compelling to you at the moment.

Breathe, Bethan! You have as much time as you need.

Hugs, Robin

Bethan said...

Thanks Robin, your comments always make everything so clear and they soften all the edges. I have started one this afternoon. So I'm not yet late for August and early for September.

Enjoy your visit with your Mother.

Hugs, Bethan