Friday, August 3, 2007

Finished with July!

Hi everyone! I sooooo much enjoy peeking at all of your wonderful pages!!!! Those of you who aren't peeking have some mighty wonderful work to see when you're ready!

If you are like me (can't wait), you can see my finished July piece here. I still have not decided what I'll do with the 12 when they're finished; but I have no doubt that something will develop in time.

I'm so very happy that a few of you made comments on my blog about the Quilt Journal Project way back in April. Without your enthusiasm, I never would have started the BJP. It's so much fun... but even more, it's motivating me to jump off the high board into the deep end of art! Yay!

Robin A.


abeadlady said...

I love the layering effect with the fabrics. I haven't had the courage to branch out like that yet. Your page gives me a feeling of calmness. I suspect it's the colors and flow of it.

Morwyn said...

Your pages have so much going on I hardly know where to look first - they are so stimulating, with so much depth - just as your poem is. Thank you for sharing your process - I'm learning so much from this project and feeling more enriched by it every day.