Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Flickr question

I just have a question and I know there is a simple answer. When I add my pix to the BJP Flickr page, how come there's an X by that picture? Am I not doing something right?
And I just want to add that I am blown away by all the talent I am seeing! Absolutely fabulous!



BJP said...

I was curious about that too... So I clicked on the x... It offers you the opportunity to "undo" or delete the photos you've just added. Tomorrow when you go to Flickr, the bothersome little things will be gone. Cheers, Robin

Robin said...

That was me, above... sometimes I forget I've signed in as BJP adimistrator.

Think I'm wrong about the x's going away. I think you'll see them any time you're in Flickr... at least any time Flickr recognizes you (as in when you're signed in to Flickr or if they have a cookie on you).

Anybody more computer savey have info about this???


arlee said...

It's only visible to you (the photo poster), or to the administrator of a group the photo is posted in--the admin can remove from the group, but not delete the photo from the poster :}