Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Announcements & Questions from Robin

Congratulations All!!!

We’re one quarter into the BJP year already. Congratulations to those who have finished three pages, and congratulations to those who (like me) are a bit behind, but still totally committed to completing all 12 pages!!!! Good work, everybody!

Are you an active BJP member?

How many of the original 242 are still active? I guess we could get an idea if everyone who reads this (and is active) would write a comment to this post mentioning that you’re active. Please sign your comment with your first name and last initial (same as on the Participating Members list at the bottom of the side bar).

By the way, there is one person who notified me (by email) that she was dropping out. So our official membership is now 241.

How can we reach those members who are not internet users?

76% of our members are signed on to write posts to this blog. A few of these have never written posts or comments. That means about 25% are out of touch with us, as far as I know. A few have emailed me with concerns that they “haven’t heard from me” or asking to whom they should report each month, but most are completely out of touch.

I would like to get in touch with everyone who isn’t signed up to write posts. But I have so little time right now. I’m wondering if we might be able to form a state-by-state information tree using email. What do you think? If you’d be willing to be THE contact person in your state, country or area, will you please let me know by email?

Attention! Unofficial participants

We have several unofficial participants, who didn’t learn about the BJP until after membership closed on May 31st. I’d like to add another side bar with their names and links to their blogs, if they have one.

So, if you are unofficially participating and reading this, please email me or leave a comment to this post giving your first name, last initial, state/country, and blog/website if you have one.


As many of you know, thanks to Jacqui, we now have our own Flickr group page here. I think it’s grand! If you click on Group Photo Pool you can see all of them, with each person’s grouped together. Already it is obvious that each person has their own individual style, their own voice. This makes me extremely happy to see, because it is exactly what I hoped would happen.

So I’d like to encourage all of you to sign up and upload your photos. It only took me about ½ hour to get an account established, make a profile, upload my photos, and drag/drop them into the BJP Flickr group. Even if you have a blog and post your pictures, I think it’s fabulous to be able to see the finished pages all together on one site… like an exhibition of our work!

By the way, I added a link to our Fickr site in the side bar of the BJP blog, so you can always find it!

Pictures of our work on this BJP Blog

At the beginning of the BJP we decided not to show pictures of our work on this blog until September… until after the first quarter. We’re now at that point.

I think it’s been working really well for those who have a blog of their own to put pictures on their own blog and post a link here. I hope all of us with personal blogs will continue to do that. However, if you don’t have your own blog, I think it would be great if you would post in-progress and/or completed pictures here. I hope everyone’s ok with that.

Still having problems with Labels/Topics

1. Please assign a label/topic to your posts. Do this in the bottom right hand side of the posting window. Try to use a topic already on the list. Click “show all” to view the list; click on any topic on the list to make it apply to your post.

2. If you add a new label, please make it SHORT – 15 characters maximum! (Long labels made the down arrow on the drop-down box disappear, so that we can’t select a post topic to view.)

3. If you post a link to your blog showing BJP activity, please label it with the MONTH. So, if it's a picture or information about your September BJP page, please use the word September as the label for your post.

Are the two discussion groups still active?

I could post a link to them in a side bar box… If you like that idea, someone who is active, please give me the link by email.

Away for next 3 weeks...

This is just to notify you that I'll be in the midwest (visiting Mom in MN, and teaching in WI) from Sept. 1-15, and then gone on a motorcycle trip for the next week. I'll get on line when I can, but may not respond quickly to comments or email messages. Please be patient with me...

Thanks to all!

I am so completely satisfied with all that we are… our camaraderie and support, our individual and shared creativity, the obvious enjoyment of our process and results.... There are no words to express how grateful I am to be in the company of all you good and talented people! Thank you and bless you!

Robin A., BJP Coordinator


CC said...

CC P still active!
Have fun on your trip!
I'm really not sure how to keep up with others who haven't started a blog. And I think there are only 2 of us in Hawaii, so not sure that would help! :D
I'll just keep linking to my personal blog until you say we are gonna show for sure on the BJP site.
With aloha,

KV said...

Still active though I, too, will be out of pocket for a few weeks in late September and early October. We will take our laptop but one only can guess if the mountains in the area we are visiting will let us online.

Kathy V in NM

Bejeweled said...

Still here :) Just got a bit overwhelmed with too many projects at the end of the summer. I think posting on the blogs is working really well IMHO.

heather p. (although I've never been listed at that bottom part of the sidebar -- just at the top as Bejeweled)

Robin said...

Heather... please email me with your address and blog/website URL. I have you on my list, but with no information. I'll add your name to the Participant list on our side bar as soon as I get the information from you. Thanks, Robin

Beading Butterfly said...

I'm here and active (if 3 months behind)!

Kassie I (NC)

vivage said...

I'm here, I'm active.
VM Vivage

a2susan said...

I'd be happy to coordinate for Michigan. I think there are several of us here. Doing this project has already helped me in various areas of my life, it's very powerful. Thanks, Robin.

Robin said...

To a2susan... you Michigan folks are ACTIVE!!! Thanks so much for your offer, but Liz already volunteered to be the contact person for your state. If I don't get anybody for MN or some other close-by state, might I contact you for that? Robin

Grace said...

Still active!
Grace D

Morwyn said...

Present and accounted for!
Morwyn D

Brenda said...

Brenda B of MN still active.
I would be happy to coordinate MN.
Also Robin, I am in Minneapolis, if you have time when you come here I would love to buy you a cup of coffee . I know visits can be hectic though. Just offering.

Sunni said...

Hi Robin, I am still here in the unofficial group. I have had a busy month and a half and will until Sept 10. Then my life gets back to normal.
I plan to finish all 12 of my pages.
I think you have my link but just in case..here it is
I am so happy you decided to do this.

Sunni said...

Me again I forgot to sign it with my last initial.
Also I would be happy to be the contact person for New Mexico.
Sunni W.

Caroll L. said...

Robin, I'm here and active :-)
I've put my 3 pages on Flickr.
Thank you to Jacki for creating this album.
Hugs from France
Caroll L.

Karen said...

I'm still active but have never been listed on the sidebar. I also can't figure out how to post to the blog. I'm about ready to post some pics to my blog as soon as I can. Thanks Robin for all your inspiration!

Karen South

Hélène H said...

Still active (though a little behind). Cheers to all ! Hélène H

madness said...

Pam T (madness) here.......
I will be happy to be contact person for Wisconsin.......

Judi D said...

Judi D.
Active in Colorado.

beadnik said...

Sarah F. in New Mexico, still here and active, although lagging a bit behind on my August project. (Such a busy month, but it's teaching me not to stress quite so much about deadlines. :-) )
I'll be adding pics of my August work to my blog, hopefully by Sunday.
Cheers all,

vivage said...

If you're still unsure how to post click on the link below and print out the instructions and learn how. We're really wanting to hear from you.

How to post instructions here

heidibeads said...

Heidi T (heidibeads) here and moving slowly. I should never learned to knit this month!

craig Staude said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
craig Staude said...

Still Active... nearly caught up!
Krispi S

abeadlady said...

Still active and then some. LOL. If you need a contact for California, let me know.

Arline L.

Bethan said...

Bethan W., WA still active will post to the Flickr site late this week.

Denise said...

Its great to take stock! Still here - in Ottawa Ontario. Working on August, but will finish soon and start September's in Sept.
Denise. S

sweetpea_path said...

Greetings Robin, from a fellow Washingtonian!
Still active...and totally behind as I knew I would be until my work season winds down...
Christi C.

madchiwawa said...

Still here - am working on August but not very far along. If you need someone for florida let me know

website: www.madechiwawadesigns.com
blog: www.madchiwawadesigns.blogspot.com

Jenny S.

Kathy Wagner said...

Kathy W. here - happily beading my August piece. I could be the contact for Canada if you still need one.
My beading blog is:

Caren said...

Still active!

Caren G in Colorado

mountainsaltstudio said...

Diane M (WA) still present and accounted for

beadbabe49 said...

Bobbi K here and willing to be contact person for here in Oregon...working on Sept. but no beading done yet.

Kiwi Ellen said...

KiwiEllen signing in, I'm active but not as fast as I'd like to be ;9

Have a great visit with your Mom & I hope the sun shines on you while you're on your bike trip

Robin said...

To all who've checked in so far ~ Thanks for taking the time to do it!

To Arline in CA, Jenny in FL, Grace in IN, Liz in MI, Kathy in NM, Heather in OR, Pam in WI, and Kathy in Canada ~ Thanks for offering to be the BJP Contact Person for your state!

CALLING FOR HELP!!!! NEED: BJP Contact Tree volunteers for AK, AZ, CO, NY, OH, TX, WA, Australia and the UK... also the states and countries with smaller numbers of participants.

Thanks! Robin A.

Fab Fibers said...

I am here (my mind is sometimes wandering... :^}

Rosanne G (Fab Fibers)

matilda said...

eccomi, sono qui e sono attiva. un po' lenta, ma piena di entusiasmo...
mi piace l'idea di avere anche una lista di partecipanti non ufficiali, magari ci sarà qualche italiano.
potrei farti da ponte e collegamento ma in italia ci sono solo io, sigh!
grazie, Robin per la bellissima opportunità di imparare e condividere le nostre esperienze, con grande affetto e riconoscenza, matilda

Beadgirl said...

HI Robyn, Still here, but behind, but having a good time beading all the same :) I'll volunteer for NY.

Karen H. in NY

Dee said...

Hi Robin, I would love to be officially "unofficially participating"

If you need someone in Illinois, let me know.

Denise H, IL

Cyndi L said...

Here, and on schedule in Massachusetts

Cyndi L

Pearl said...

Cheryl M checking in. Behind but still beading away.......

Linda S said...

I'm definitely still doing the bjp -- and am up to date. :) I'm about to start on September's page.

Genevieve said...

Absolutely still active, I'll post links to my June and July pages this evening. --Genevieve C

SueU said...

Still active, but will be slightly late with August.

jopatt said...

Robin, I'm here, actively participating and enjoying myself tremendously. I have the first three pages to download but don't know exactly how so I'm looking for a friend that can show me. JoAnn P from Denver

Kiwi Ellen said...

I'll be your tree in Wa Robin - I'm happy to help out

Ellen C

Anonymous said...

The other Hawaii beader here - still active - will set up my personal blog with some posts by mid-October! Happy Beading!
Nancy C.

Beadin' Gram said...

I'm here -- though a bit behind. July almost finished and August in my head -- but oh, dear, it is almost September. I'll catch up -- all the grandkids will be back in school as of next week.
Beadin' Gram / Jackie in Illinois

Lois B said...

Hi, Robin! I'm back from the midwest, but still processing all that went on. I am most definitely active in the BJP, just "on hiatus" for a little while. -- Lois B.

Creed said...

Still here, still beadin away! Eventually I'll conquer the digital camera and get actual pictures on my blog...really
Happy to be a contact person for New Mexico or whatever's useful to you, Robin.
Have a lovely time!

Sue in western WA said...

Sue B (Sue in western WA) present and accounted for. Trying to figure out how to get my pix from a personal account on flikr to the group page...

Angela said...

Still here and beading, a bit slow this month but since it is an important step in the journey I am good with that.

I can't remember if there are any others in Maryland but if you need a contact person for MD let me know.

Have a great trip, happy beading Angela P

Nancy K. said...

Robin, I am still active. I just have not posted on my blog my progress. I am almost done with August and have my September planned out. I will definitely be here for the long haul! I will also continue to post on my blog and the flickr page once I finish August. I continue to have a great time working on my pages. I also continue to be awestruck by all of our fellow beaders work. Some great stuff. I just wish I could keep up with it all and post everyone's blogs or websites on mine. Anyway, thanks again for coordinating. Happy beading to all, Nancy K.

Any Smith said...

Continuing to work in Wisconsin - Robin enjoy your visit to the Spring Green area!

Any S

freebird said...

I've been so busy I haven't even been keeping up with the blogging! I am definitely in, just a month behind! I can do Arizona, just let me know what to do.
I'll even get to the flickr page eventually.

Timaree C.

Nospoj said...

Still Active in Australia, just been caught up with family problems - resolved now and nearly finished August and September ready to roll
DinahJ - Nospoj

Nospoj said...

Sorry forgot to mention will happily co ordinate for Australia!

Lisa B. said...

Hi! I'm still here and beading as fast as I can (which, frankly, during the last few weeks of kids' summer vacations isn't very fast). My husband and I just took down a 4-person art show in which I had giclee/archival poster prints of about 10 of my beaded quilts. It was interesting to get reactions to those, since, in the past, I've only shown the actual quilts. As for the BJP, my June page is done, July is almost done, and both August and Sept. are well underway. Plus I'm excited about my ideas for nearly all of the remaining months. I'm still hoping to create my own blog this month and post all of my pages there. I've been so inspired by the work being produced and posted through the BJP--what a gift! Lisa B.

Katie B said...

I'm still here.
Slow but here.
Haven't gotten my first 2 up yet.
Will see what I can do !
I, too, will be out of pocket in Sept for a week and a half.
Katie B (in NJ)

Sherilyn D. said...

Thank you so much for creating this! I am an unofficial--I found out about the project at the end of June. Right now, I'm definitely doing July-May, although I will probably add something for June.
Sherilyn D.
Lakewood, CO

Anonymous said...

Hi - MimiB here....I am still working on Aug. and will post on Flickr when finished. Having a great time on this project.

Ruth said...

Hi - Ruth S in WA. I'm still active.

Teresa said...

Hi Robin and all,
I'm active and beading the Journal. I just sent off slides for Bead International at the Dairy Barn. So. it feels good to apply and now it's the wait! Plus family stuff and working full time...I hope to get caught up this weekend...
Teresa S from Illinois,
Windy City area

Lillian said...

Hi Robin,

I haven't posted in a while, but am active with comments on those who do post :o) The last few weeks my injury has kept me from staying current...I'm working on my pages and still planning on getting up a blog, but can only do what I can do, especially being new to beading and blogging :o) I've enjoyed this BJP very much and have made some wonderful friends already! :o) Thanks again for putting this BJP together! :o) Have fun with your mom and on your "road trip"!

I'm still here,


Trilly said...

Still active, but have been away for three weeks. A bit behind as a result, but I always seem to end up working to catch up :)

Lisa D

ClaireC said...

Still active, just catching up on the blog from the last few weeks! I've got the first three pages at least started, and am hunting for my September inspiration.

If you still need someone for the UK let me know.

Claire C