Saturday, August 11, 2007

Always behind...

"I'm late... I'm late.. .I'm late for an important date."

THAT my friends is the story of my life!
My June page has been finished.
My July page is laid out but hasn't been started yet.
Don't mention August............. but I have an idea !

The BFAC project goes in the mail on Monday (hurrah !!).

I have been spending time looking at all the completed items here -- and I find myself on the horns of a dilemma.
How to NOT cover it all ?
How to stop myself from being compelled to keep beading -- to keep adding more -- to limit my design to "not so much".

My best friend and I were talking it over this morning and she told me that "well, that isn't your way. You don't bead like other people. Your way is different." (ok, so that was the Reader's Digest condensed version).

She's right.
This is a struggle for me to limit my design.
My June picture is very minimalistic. I'll post a pic in my blog.
July will be a bit more.

What a push out of my comfort zone !

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