Tuesday, August 28, 2007

July Finished at last!

Well, just in time for August to finish I have completed July! To see it either go to the flickr page or my blog. Feel free to comment in either place.

One of the things I mention on my blog is moving into a new space and the feeling that it is alien. I have now had my own space for several weeks and gradually it is beginning to feel comfortable but I really have to drag my heels behind me to get there. If you have managed to get your own space to create in, how did you response to such unadulterated freedom and space?

Thank you for all the people who have contributed to the flickr group as Robin says, it is great to see all the work side by side and recognising each individual style. Like the blogs, you can still comment on the work.


Robin said...

Jacqui... I shortened your label to BJP Flickr because the label you gave it was too long. When the label is over a certain number of characters (I think it's 15), the down arrow of the topic box on the side bar disappears, and you can't select topics anymore. Hope you don't mind. Thanks again for starting Flickr... it gets more exciting every day as more people join! Robin A.

Lillian said...

Hi Jacqui,

I love how you did the edging on your piece! The stones invoke something ancient in me-yummy! Lillian :o)