Thursday, August 16, 2007

August BJP -- Foxy Ladies

I tried to post a while ago but got an error message, maybe it was my link. Well here goes, again...

I decided to do what I did in July, which is combine the BJP with another commitment, so I created 8 artist trading cards for the BATC (beaded artist trading card) swap at Beki Haley's All About Beading forum on Delphi. Wow, I think this is the 4th swap we've done!

Anyway, I combined my current curiosities about 1. EZ Felt compared to Lacy's Stiff Stuff (my conclusion is, EZ is not quite as durable for me, esp. around the edges, but suitable for many things...); 2. Creating 3D floral motifs with sequins; and 3. Using images from my expanding vintage postcard collection.

I journalled this month about time, visual cliches, and sequins, and also about how these cards have way fewer layers than I normally end up with in my mixed media beading, but how the contrast among the layers is stronger than usual.

So yeah, next month I'm on to some personal imagery and a slightly larger scale...

SPOILER ALERT -- if you don't want to see the images, don't follow this link, y'all:

Bead on!
Mary T. in Albuquerque 8-)

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