Friday, August 24, 2007

August BJP

Now, this post isn't about the bead journal page at all. I have been working on a couple of other things lately - including finishing the beaded picture of my dog. It's posted on my blog at Bead (In)Sanity I've also finished a right angel weave starfish that I designed.....
I've also been revamping the web page for the bead guild that I belong to, Great Lakes Beadworkers Guild, so that it has a little more personality than it used to.

I've been beading busy!!!

Liz - the bad one


freebird said...

Your starfish looks nice. I tried to enlarge the picture to see it in detail but it didn't grow for me. I saw parts on your blog and liked how you were working it.

Mary Timme said...

Personally, I love the new page! The starfish is genius! Love starfish, too. Yikes, Liz, we have moose and starfish in common.

KV said...

Ooooh -- that starfish is brilliant!

Kathy V in NM