Sunday, August 26, 2007

"May All Beings Be Happy and Free"

I thought I'd better get on the stick and post my August journal page. It's been done for weeks and I've been too lazy to get out the camera, upload and then download pics. But I vowed last night I'd get it done today.

Go here to see August. Hmmm, I should have done a teaser for Aug but I didn't.

Oh, also I talk a little about a cover for my journal...something I only just thought about and guess what? Doing a cover means I have not 12 pages to do but 14. I've started what is most likely going to be the cover and here is a teaser of that:


Cyndi L said...

I *love* that it's 3D! Love it love it love it!!

Sunni said...

I love it,

vivage said...

:-) Ya'll make me smile with your sweet words!