Sunday, June 3, 2007

Unpublished Posts ~ How to Publish Them

A few of you have written posts that don't show up on our blog. They were automatically saved, but never published.

Hope you don't mind me naming names... but you are:
  1. JoTee (NM)
  2. Arlee (Canada)
  3. Melodie (OR)
  4. Kaytee (CA)

Since this could happen easily and because I believe we'd all like to hear from you, here's how to get back to your post, edit and publish it!

When you first sign in to Blogger, on the Dashboard, you'll see "Manage Your Blogs." Below that, on the left, is where you click to start a new post. On the right it says "Manage: Posts, Settings." Click on "Posts." This will open a window showing a list of the 100 most recent post titles (by all authors). You are able to click on "view" to view any of the posts written. For your posts only, you are also able to click on "Edit."

That's what you want to do. Scroll down the list of post titles until you see the one you wrote. To the left of the title, it may say "Draft" in red. If it does, it means that particular post was not published and is not available to read on our blog.

If you don't want to publish the draft, no problem. To the right of the word "draft," there is an option to "Delete." Click on "Delete" and you'll get a little window that asks "are you sure you want to delete this?" Click "delete it," and it's gone forever.

If you do want to edit and/or publish the draft, no problem. On the same line, to the far left, click on "Edit." This will re-open the posting window. Now you can edit your writing if you wish. When you are ready, click the orange "Publish" box on the bottom left of the window. After publishing, in the new window that comes up, click on "view blog" to be verify your post is there. If you don't like how it looks, you can always edit it again.

I hope this is clear, and we'll hear from your soon!

Posted by Robin A.

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